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Swasthya Seva Kendra (SSK)

Swasthya Seva Kendra (SSK)

Swasthya Seva Kendra (SSK) is a healthcare service center committed to providing accessible medical assistance to patients. Equipped with a team of certified doctors holding MBBS and BDS degrees, SSK focuses on offering primary care services to both local and remote patients. Through the integration of information and communication technologies like video, audio, and messaging on platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, SSK facilitates consultations and medical guidance. Patients can choose a doctor based on their medical needs by reviewing doctor profiles on the SSK platform. Following selection, patients contact the SSK customer care number to book a consultation with the chosen doctor and make the telemedicine fee payment via Bkash. Subsequently, SSK coordinates the appointment between the patient and the doctor, allowing for consultations through video or audio calls. After the consultation, doctors provide e-prescriptions or prescription images, and the telemedicine fee is transferred from customer care to the doctor's Bkash account. The SSK initiative strives to enhance healthcare accessibility and affordability for individuals seeking medical assistance.

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