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BlueNet Communication JV Ltd is Bangladesh China Joint Venture Nationwide ISP. BlueNet is the leading Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh. We provide high-bandwidth solutions through FTTH network for your corporate business and home internet. The initial goal is to improve the experience of the home & business users through the Internet. With the dedication, service and its remarkable team effort we believe BlueNet will deliver the best in the country. Our Mission is to ensure & provide a high level of quality service to the Customers. We don't believe in grabbing lots of customers rather we would like to make long time bondage with our existing customers with a high level of satisfaction to provide uninterrupted services. We can assure our customers that no one (ISP) can match our level of service & care to our valued Customers. It is a Family with all the Customers & dedicated Personnel of BlueNet. We would like to make stronger the bondage with our customers day by day.

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